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We believe that where you live has a huge impact on the overall health and happiness of your family. We plan to raise the bar for how a community can better the lives of the individuals that live in it by emphasizing a more holistic approach to wellness and creating a lifestyle rooted in positivity. Join us and discover why we call Jubilee “The Joyful Neighborhood!"



  • Amenities
    Jubilee will offer an array of strategically designed indoor and outdoor amenities throughout the neighborhood with the intentions of encouraging residents to interact with nature, relax in serene spaces, connect with their neighbors, and/or be inspired by positivity!
  • Mindful Living

    A community designed to help you find your inner balance, Jubilee will emphasize a more holistic approach to wellness with an environment and lifestyle that encourage better physical, emotional, and mental health!

  • Unique Homes
    Jubilee won't be your standard, cookie-cutter neighborhood. We want our residents to be able to express their individuality by choosing a unique home style that is right for them. We're going above and beyond to make sure our homes keep your family happy and healthy by ensuring each house has wellness technology exceeding industry standards!
  • Schools
    Jubilee students attend the smaller, quainter district of Waller ISD where they won't get lost in the shuffle. A proposed on-site elementary school will make it convenient for young kids and parents to walk or bike just a short distance to their classrooms!


Close enough for convenience, far enough away from it all. Discover why you’ll love calling this place home.