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Welcome to Jubilee, where wellness is at the heart of every home. Our commitment to your well-being means that enhanced wellness features are standard in every residence. Elevate your living experience with features that are often upgrades elsewhere. Join us in embracing the future of living well.

Every Home is Participating in the

WELL for Residential Program

Jubilee building WELL certified homes

Jubilee is a pioneer in wellness living as one of the first communities to adopt the WELL for Residential program. This means every home in Jubilee is constructed to meet advanced health criteria like water, light, security, etc. The construction process of each home is meticulously documented and submitted for assessment by WELL—an evidence-based, third-party verification system by the International WELL Building Institute. Once verified, WELL awards a certification upon the home. This certification guarantees that your Jubilee home surpasses industry wellness standards, offering you the utmost in health and well-being.

Jubilee in Hockley TX building homes with WELL Certification

Raising a glass to

Clean Water

Every Jubilee home comes standard with a reverse-osmosis filtration system right at the kitchen sink. This system is adept at removing potentially harmful pathogens and impurities commonly found in tap water, ensuring that the water you use for cooking, drinking, and more is thoroughly purified. We also include a refrigerator water line and a pot-filler loop beneath the kitchen sink. These additions mean that any water you ingest or use in your culinary creations is of the highest quality.

Taking a Breath of

Fresh Air

All of our homes feature a fresh-air intake and a MERV 13 media filter. This advanced filter clears the air of 85 percent or more of dust, mold, and pollens and 90 percent or more of smoke, smog and particles from coughing and sneezing. It is also capable of capturing 75 percent or more of bacteria and viruses that might be in the air.

Also, each home will hold an Indoor airPLUS rating through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The program partners with Energy Star to address ventilation and filtration, pest barriers, combustion pollutants, moisture control and more.

Shedding Light on

Circadian Rhythm

All Jubilee homes offer a circadian rhythm home lighting solution for the primary bedroom, kitchen, and family room. This innovative lighting isn't just about illumination; it's about optimizing your body's natural rhythm. With dimmable and color temperature-changing capabilities, it's designed to complement your natural circadian cycle, paving the way for better sleep and healthier hormones. Plus, we go the extra mile by pre-wiring one room for blackout shades, giving you the option to create the perfect sleep environment for undisturbed rest.

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Providing Tools for

Convenience & Comfort

Our standard home features are designed to bring you convenience and peace of mind. Our builders integrate a comprehensive suite of comfort-enhancing elements, including a cutting-edge home automation panel, smart thermostats, a secure smart front door lock, a responsive video doorbell, front porch flashing emergency lights, and advanced security prewiring for every door and all first-floor windows. With one central automation system, you can program your air, lights, and security to complement your lifestyle so you have less to think about during the day and more time to focus on what brings you joy.

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