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June 05, 2024
Creating a Welcoming Home

Creating a Welcoming Home

Connection is one of the pillars of wellness — we even have a Wellness Zone dedicated to the concept — and the first step to fostering connection with visitors to your home is by making it as welcoming as possible. Here are a few ideas on how to make your home more inviting:

It Starts With the Entry

Your home should be inviting from the very first moment a guest arrives. Outside, place a welcome mat. Flank your door with plants, choosing containers or pedestals that reflect your personality. A wreath is also a nice touch. When the door opens, your entryway should be equally inviting. Specialty lighting creates a warm, welcoming glow. Mirrors can enlarge the space. A runner or interesting artwork can draw your visitor into your home.

Let Nature Set the Stage

Our minds and bodies relax when in nature, and the same thing can happen when you incorporate more nature into your home. Adding plants and flowers can warm up any room. During the day, keep your windows open to maximize natural light in your home. If you have the room, consider creating an outdoor seating space for you and your guest to enjoy nature in the comfort of your own yard. Our model homes have beautiful outdoor spaces to inspire your own backyard. 

The Right Light

Think about lights as accents to your space. Overhead lights have their place and purpose, but they should not be your only illumination. Use table lamps and standing lamps to create cozy zones. Soft light bulbs and dimmer switches will eliminate the harsh glare of bright lights. String lights add ambiance to outdoor spaces — you can even use them on your mantel. The right lighting can not only be welcoming, but also healthy. In Jubilee, homes offer a circadian rhythm home lighting solution for the family room, kitchen, and primary bedroom that complements your natural circadian cycle.

Mindful Spaces

Create areas in your home that encourage mindfulness and relaxation. This could be a quiet reading nook with comfortable seating and soft lighting or a small meditation corner with cushions, a small water fountain, and a selection of essential oils or incense. Newmark Homes has an excellent example of this in their meditation room, check it out! 

Personalized Touches

Add personalized touches that reflect your personality and make your home feel unique. This could be anything from family photos, art pieces, or travel souvenirs that spark conversation and connection.

A happy greeting lets your guest know they are welcome. By adding small touches to create a warm ambiance and considering their potential needs while in your home shows you care about them. Connection made!

Start making connections today! 




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