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February 28, 2024
Create a Spa Bath in Your Home

Create a Spa Bath in Your Home

Let the Pampering Begin

Stepping into a spa brings immediate relaxation. The soft music, light scents and elegant décor create a soothing effect that instantly calms and refreshes. And while you might not be able to have a massage therapist or esthetician at the ready when at home, you can replicate that spa ambiance. Talk to our builders about the design ideas below that appeal to you and finetune that “spa-tastic” bath with a few extra touches.

Designing Your Spa Bath

Think organized and minimalist when it comes to spa bath design. Clutter can make you anxious, so include enough storage that you can tuck away jars, jewelry, combs and anything else you might keep on the counter. Consider drawer and under-the-cabinet organizers to keep hidden items tidy.

An all-white color scheme creates a distraction-free zone. Consider an accent wall of wood to give contrast and a natural element — an important consideration when designing a spa bath. Don’t want an entire wall? Line the back of an open cabinet or shelving with walnut. Gold trim and plumbing fixtures will give the room a cohesive look and are reminiscent of a spa.

Engage the Senses

A visit to the spa fully engages the senses, and that should be your aim, as well, when designing a spa bath. Beyond how the room looks, you’ll also want to include smell, sound and even touch with the use of a massage shower head. There are even shower heads that work as a wireless speaker so you can listen to relaxing music or a wellness podcast. Don’t want music either in or out of the shower? Countertop waterfall fountains can provide a soothing, natural hum.

To recreate the aromatherapy aspect of a spa visit, you have plenty of choices — candles, a diffuser, bath products and even fresh eucalyptus, a common scent used at spas to uplift and invigorate. Other popular essential oils that relax and enhance the mood include:

Lavender — calming, balancing and promotes well-being

Sweet orange — uplifting, calming, enhances mental clarity

Rosemary — energizing, refreshing, mental stimulant

Lemon — uplifting, invigorating, happiness, promotes energy

Bergamot — refreshing, uplifting, energizing and can reduce stress and anxiety

That Extra Something Special

A few extra elements complete your spa bath. Soft, luxurious towels are the ultimate pampering. If you haven’t already used wood accents in your bath, add a wooden bathtub tray that can hold a candle and a few select bath products. A bamboo bathmat is an interesting touch and falls solidly in the spa aesthetic. Potted plants — either faux or real — are another recommendation. Finally, don’t forget the walls. If you have an expanse not covered by mirrors or cabinets, hang a piece of artwork that brings you joy.

When building a new home in our master-planned community, Jubilee, you're building a home that already contains advanced wellness features to help you live a happier, healthier life. Why not talk to your builder about creating an relaxing oasis in your bathroom?

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